7 Awesome Storage Ideas for Your Nail Polishes & Essentials



Manicure is something truly weighty that makes your image complete. Understanding this, many women become manicure enthusiasts – amateurs or professionals. Whether you work in a salon, on the move, or simply love to give proper care to your nails, you need efficient storage solutions that will help to organize your tools and essentials effortlessly for quick and precise selection of the necessary items.

1. Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

Acrylic Nail Polish Rack

If you are really into everything, associated with nail art, you simply can’t afford messing around with all these numerous bottles of nail polishes which can be easily organized so that even if you have no much space at home, you will be able to arrange your own studio. Here are the benefits of nail polish rack from acrylic.

  • A wonderful solution for keeping your nail polishes organized, not mixed in a bag.
  • Fits your selection of nail polishes thanks to comfortable inner shelves.
  • Can be installed wherever you want – on the wall or on the closet door.
  • No assembly required for mounting.

2. Nail Polish Case

Nail Polish Case

Being a professional on the go, you need a presentable manicure case that will organize and protect your cute and precious nail polishes. It’s very important to keep all your beauty equipment altogether, yet so, that you can reach the item you need instantly, always knowing where it is. With a variety of alternative drawers, double areas and individual sections, such a case presents, you will always work efficiently with clients. The problem of tall acetone bottles is a possibility to keep them in the upright position. Professional nail and beauty cases provide this opportunity. Besides, they are extremely fittable for beauty equipment and easy to carry, not mentioning their stunning and stylish exterior design.

3. Nail Polish Display

Nail Polish Display

If you keep your polishes in trays, you can’t observe all the colors at once. A multi-level nail polish rack displays all the items, arranged by color perfectly and takes minimal horizontal space in the cabinet. It normally can hold up to 60 nail polishes compactly. Your collection will be pleasing for the eyes and extremely convenient for hands. Minimal assembly, neat look, stability and functionality of this solution will make any nail tech happy.

4. Nail Polish Holder

Nail Polish Holder

If you need a truly versatile solution for keeping all your beautiful nail polishes organized, this one is a windfall. It’s shaped as a transparent case with cells inside for up to 48 professional nail polish bottles. Keep it in the upright position as a display on your table or close the nail polish case holder and take with you for easy transportation.

5. Nail Polish Organizer Case

Nail Polish Organizer Case

Being mobile is crucial for a nail tech. Bringing all you nail polishes and beauty accessories to a client isn’t possible without a good nail polish organizer, shaped as a case. Opt for durable construction and functional interior of the cosmetic case you are going to buy. 3-layer organizers with quality aluminum finish are excellent models. Look for removable liquid foundation holders, slide out drawers and removable trays for maximal convenience while you are working. Test the handle for comfortable grip and security. The organizers come in cute designs, such as zebra, leopard, crocodile skin, etc.

6. Nail Polish Stand

Nail Polish Stand

The smallest nail polish plastic stands hold only 9 bottles and are good for every woman, who doesn’t like to pick her cosmetic items wherever she leaves them. Clear shelves provide perfect observation of all your colors and hues. It’s ideal to place on vanity table. There are also extremely functional cute and compact professional stands, holding 30-50 bottles with nail polishes. Some of them are desktop solutions, others are mounted on the wall – excellent ideas for thoughtful nail polish storage.

7. Nail Polish Rack DIY

Nail Polish Rack DIY

If your purpose is to store your nail polishes neatly at home, you don’t have to spend up to a $100 for a fancy nail polish stand. You can do an awesome nail polish rack yourself and stay under the budget.

What are you going to need?

  • Popular hobby boards (cut to the sizes you need)
  • Scotch tape
  • No foam wood glue
  • Small nails
  • Paint (if you want to have your nail polish display painted)

How to Do Cute Nail Polish Rack Yourself?

  1. Estimate the size of the rack you’d like to make and the number of shelves. Make notes of how many boards you need and their lengths.
  2. Visit a local hardware store and get the things you need. They usually cut the boards down to the size you need in hardware stores. Check the pieces of boards next to each other to be sure they are of the same lengths.
  3. At home try to put the rack together, fixing the frame and inserting the shelves. Use scotch tape to fix the boards together. Mark the side panels where you want the shelves to be to make the job easier. Before you mark, it would be useful to check the spacing between the shelves with the tallest nail polish bottle you have.
  4. Now you can glue your rack. First, glue together the outside panels, making the frame for your rack. Leave it overnight, letting it dry.
  5. The next day you can work on the shelves. Apply glue to the sides of the inside panels and insert them into the frame, matching the marks you’ve made before. Add some glue to the sides where it’s necessary and smooth the glue out with your fingers.
  6. When you finish with the shelves, leave your rack to dry again.
  7. Now you need to tack the shelves with the nails from the side of the side panels for extra security.
  8. Now you can paint your rack if you want and admire the result of your work. Wow, YOU’ve made it!

Nail polishes are so bright and lovely. Why not provide yourself with an enjoyable color therapy? As your nail polish collection is growing, keeping your items just in a bag is not a good idea. Get a stylish nail polish organizer case if you are a nail tech or build a cute nail polish stand for an awesome home display of your nail polish selection if you simply love to look after your nails.

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